Deciding About Amputation

In the course of cancer treatment, surgery can play a major role. More cancers are cured by surgery than by any other treatment modality. However, many pet owners are concerned about the impact that major, sometimes radical, surgery will have on their pet. For the most part, dogs are extremely resilient and do amazingly well with these types of procedures, and most owners are pleased with the outcome. Nevertheless, the decision to have a "radical" surgical procedure for your pet is a very personal one and depends on many factors including your individual pet's cancer type and stage; other factors relating to your pet such as age, breed, weight, fitness level, arthritis; and family factors.



Amputation is one of the most common "radical" surgeries used to treat pets with cancer, so we are providing some photos and a video of pets who have undergone amputation. Another valuable resource is the book "Without Regret: A Handbook for Owners of Canine Amputees", by Susan Neal.





Another useful resource, with lots of videos of canine amputees and discussion forums, is " - information, resources, and support for three legged dogs and their people", at:


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